Tell Congress to Seize the Opportunity to Fix our Tax Code

Add your voice NOW to encourage the President and Congress to be bold and determined and do what is right and best for all Americans by reforming our tax code.

Our tax code has not been reformed since 1986, and continued inaction by our leaders means that the current rules that penalize success, harm families and give our competitors an advantage remain in place.

Anyone who defends the current tax code, is defending a system that makes manufacturing workers in our heartland lose his or her job to a worker overseas. Anyone who defends the current tax code, is telling our families that they have to accept years and years of mediocre economic growth, stagnant wages and entire communities losing hope for future prosperity

As Americans, we all deserve better.

Our President and Congress have the opportunity to lift up American workers, grow paychecks, create more jobs and out-compete the rest of the world by modernizing our outdated tax code.

Add your voice and let Washington know that their job is to promote the type of economic growth and job creation that will raise personal incomes, reduce the costs of living and make lives better for everyone.

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